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Synthetic wigs are another collection of wigs that is stocked by the International Wig online store and can be ordered and purchased on the internet. The online feather extension store has literally hundreds of synthetic wigs and these wigs, just like any other collection of wigs on the online store's website, can be ordered over the internet, bought over the internet and the wigs will be delivered to any destination in the world. One of these synthetic wigs available for purchase at the online store is the LD444 heat resistant lace front wig. The price of these specific synthetic wigs, at the time of writing, is forty seven United States dollars and ninety nine cents. These synthetic wigs are technically referred to on the online store's website as an H1_LD444.These synthetic wigs are known as a Long Synthetic Lace Front Wig to those people who work in the wig manufacturing industry and form part of the Harlem 125 Wigs Feather hair Collection. These wigs have an extremely natural hairline and have been made with Futura heat resistant synthetic fibre. The price of the wig includes adhesive tape which is included in the price of the wig. The next wig belonging to the group of synthetic wigs is called the Ivy. This wig is currently selling for a price of fourteen United States dollars and ninety nine cents. This synthetic wig belongs to the Mona Lisa brand of wigs and its technical reference tag on the online website is WA_IVY. This wig is known as a Synthetic Short Wig in the wig manufacturing business. These Ivy synthetic wigs feature wispy light hair and offer the wearer a number of different styling alternatives. These synthetic wigs are extremely popular all over the world because of their affordability and durability. People who want to purchase wigs directly from the website need to type in the wig's name into the ‘Search' window on the top left hand side of the homepage. Then choose the currency from the ‘Currency' drop down window and then choose the brand of the wig from the ‘Shop By Brand' drop down window. The website will Hair extensions then automatically take people to their wig of choice where they can make further specific choices ending with adding the wig to their cart for payment and delivery.Visit Wigs Lace Wig Synthetic Wigs Lace Front Wigs Human Hair Wigs Cancer Wigs Wigto order and purchase your wigs online.To learn more about wigs provided by International Wig visit this link Wigs Lace Wig Synthetic Wigs Lace Front Wigs Human Hair Wigs Cancer Wigs Wig.